Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The 12 Most Helpful iPhone 5 Apps

An iPhone has the ability to make your life much easier if you use it right. That means using the best apps you can. There are more than enough fun games to waste away any class (and I do) as well as countless hours. But, what apps can actually save you time and some hassle in life? I’ve found the best that absolutely anyone can use. These aren’t meant for just moms or students or singles, or any particular group (but if you are interested in apps for moms or women, check out this and this). These are the helpful apps that usually lure people into buying an iPhone, and I’ve chosen the must haves for you.
1.) Shopkick Shopkick makes shopping more fun. You earn points for walking into store, scanning things in the stores or simply earn a few points by opening the app and tapping on the stores. You can use these points for rewards like iTunes giftcards, gas credit cards, several other giftcards and an xbox for the high achievers. I personally have redeemed $30 of iTunes giftcards, which has saved me some cash and made for a good birthday gift.
2.) Siri Siri turns your phone into a personal assistant. All you have to do is say a command and it does it. Things like “reserve a table for 2 at 7 pm at the best sushi place around here”, “what movies are playing around here”, “get the flight status of American flight 743″ or “call me a taxi” and many more. This cool little app takes care of little things much like an assistant and best of all, it’s free!
3.) Textnow I love this one, because it has eliminated my text message plan, saving me about $15 per month on my cellphone bill. It gives you a telephone number free of charge that can receive phone calls as well (at a charge). And, it operates on the internet, which came in handy for me when traveling abroad. I could avoid roaming charges by simply connecting to wi-fi and getting all of my text messages.

4.) Gasbuddy Gasbuddy uses GPS to find the cheapest gas stations near you. When you choose a gas station, it then maps out a route to the gas station. So, no more driving around the block a few times to find the best price, especially when you’re somewhere you don’t know well.
5.) Trapster This was the first cool app I ever found. Trapster maps the locations of police hiding spots, speed cameras, speed traps, construction zones and more problems that you could encounter on the road. Then, using GPS, the app alerts you (in a voice of your choosing) when you are nearing one of these problems. It can save you a speeding ticket or time in traffic. It’s also user-curated, so it also says when the problem was reported, letting you know if it was a recent incident or not.
6.) Crackle There’s no need for Netflix on your iPhone with Crackle. Crackle has tons of free movies available for free. They just have a few quick ads during the movie. This is kind of annoying, but they’re only a few seconds and it’s a small price to pay for free full-length movies that can kill a lot of time.
7.) LucyPhone Have you ever wanted to call a company, but can’t find the phone number? Have you ever had to search online repeatedly just to get the right customer service number, because the company seems to be trying to hide it? No need to anymore with LucyPhone. Simply look up the company in LucyPhone without any hassle or searching. It gives you all the hidden phone numbers companies aren’t so willing to give out. It also asks for you phone number before you call the company, so in case you get disconnected, they can call you back.
8.) Grocery IQ This app makes your grocery list simpler. It can keep track of the exact brand name of items, their prices and organize the any way you wish, including by aisle. You can also break up your products by store and the coupons available in the app in each store. You get the most out of grocery shopping out of this app. And you can email your grocery lists or sync them with other devices, in case you don’t bring your phone or want to send it to your husband to do for you.
9) Red Laser This one is one of my personal favorites as a college kid trying to save money. With Red Laser, you simply scan the barcode of a product in the store to see what it sells for online, so you see if you’re getting ripped off or not. This can save you a pretty penny when walking through Target and as always, makes you a little more savvy.
10.) Evernote Evernote is the best way for you to take notes. You can create audio, text and picture notes easily with this app. You can set reminders with your notes, including time and geographical location. Best of all, these notes are searchable, so no flipping through pages wondering where that one little detail is that you need. You can also synch your notes to your computer or another Apple device, so you can take them with you into a meeting or anywhere else.
 11.) Find My iPhone With this app, you store your iphone info on another Apple device operating on iOS. So, if you lose your phone, this app will track your phone using the info and the GPS on it. You can then send message via sound or text on your phone to the person that is in possession of it. And, if you feel that you won’t be getting your phone back, you can lock it remotely or erase everything on it.
12.) Sit or Squat This app isn’t just for mothers. It locates the nearest restrooms available to the public, which sounds like something you would need primarily for children, but I think most girls would agree that when you are in need yourself, this is indispensable.

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