Thursday, April 12, 2012

Xbox 720 Durango

Recently, a lot of rumors about the next-generation consoles. In a recent material we have gathered the latest data on the Sony PlayStation 4. But what kind of information, hover for a new home game system, Microsoft, bearing the code name of Durango (hereafter called the system for easy Xbox 720)?

Recent rumors published resource VG24 / 7, indicate that the Xbox 720 will get an optical drive Blu-ray. This rumor appears for the second time – before it was announced in January, when it was reported that the console will receive a Blu-ray drive and built-in controller Kinect 2. Then, and doubts were expressed, as well as the assumption that Microsoft’s new console will go entirely to digital delivery of games . If the new data on Blu-ray drive is correct, then it is possible to see a significant shift in strategy for Microsoft, which was last active opponent of the standard, promoting alternative in the form of HD-DVD.

Perhaps the most disturbing rumor is that the Xbox 720 will be required to play a permanent Internet connection. Such technology has long been practiced in the PC market, which, judging by the actions of some game studios, “all endure.” Now, if you believe the rumors, this measure is to combat piracy comes to game consoles. If you have previously heard rumors and speculation that the new gaming system will require the activation of purchased games on the web, then this rumor about the Xbox 720 sounds for the first time.

Many sources are referenced resource VG247, reported that the system will play two graphics accelerator. One informant says so on the Xbox 720: “It’s like two PCs connected together” . It is reported that this is a class of graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 7000, but the work they are supposed to be in a special mode, unlike a CrossFire or SLI, while visualizing different objects, rather than the various elements of the same object. What does it mean – to understand until quite difficult.

It also reported that the system will play an embedded controller Kinect next generation. This processor Xbox 720 will be equipped with a processor with four or even six-core CPU instead of three in the Xbox 360, and one of these cores will be entirely given to the controller Kinect, and another – the operating system.

According to official data , Microsoft did not announce any details about their new console at E3 2012. According to the rumors, expected output, or the announcement of Xbox 720 this year is not worth it. Officially presented the system is supposed to be only a game exhibition E3 2013, and the output is planned towards the end of 2013 (supposedly inside Microsoft is already decided), in order to take advantage of increased demand during the Christmas holidays in Europe and the USA. Many game developers, including those such as Lionhead and Bethesda, already published on their websites search by game developers hire the next generation.

If AMD, in fact, managed to get orders for the development schedules for the upcoming Xbox, as well as the CPU and GPU for the new generation PlayStation, this is great news for the company, which will receive a permanent source of income for years to come. Do not forget that AMD is scheduled for the Nintendo Wii U. This situation will help AMD to provide even greater pressure on its rival NVIDIA in the area of ​​support and optimize games for their graphics cards. According to the rumors, PS4 and Xbox 720 video card receive a single generation – Southern Islands, but because developers will be much more profitable to optimize their solutions for the creation primarily AMD. NVIDIA will continue to play a role, but it must be admitted that today a large proportion of the market belongs to the games consoles.

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